Managed web scraping and data extraction

This is molescrape, a managed web scraping and information extraction service. This sweet, green mole manages your scrapers in a scalable environment, so that you do not have to care.

Molescrape can do both one-time and recurrent scraping tasks and also perform advanced analysis on the results.

Exemplary solutions

  • Keep an eye on your competitors
  • Retrieve trend charts from news
  • Update your database from a collaborating site

Managed Cloud

You do not have to care about the capacity of your scrapers or monitor the failure of software and hardware.

We deploy your scrapers on our servers and will make sure that they run frequently enough.

Flexible Runtime

You define how often your scrapers have to run and we schedule them.

You choose how many requests you need and we make sure that you can perform them.

Advanced Postprocessing

We provide a postprocessing framework, so that you can perform more advanced analysis on your data.

This could allow you to do trend analysis on newspaper texts, calculate frequent statistics from financial markets and much more.

Scrapy Scrapers

We use scrapy for the scrapers. This means, you can program your scrapers in open source and use them with our service or on your own servers.

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